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 Climate Change Fraud

by Jon Miller, M.A., M. Div., author, societal analyst & wellness educator


"Warming" Propaganda Based On False Stats For Control Purposes

The concept of global warming has been propagandized for nearly 20 years by "the powers that be" as part of their strategy for world dominion. They initially rolled out cooling as the fabricated threat, but decided to change horses as they thought it would be easier to convince scientists and the public that warming was the issue, as a short term warming trend had arisen during that time.

There has been no overall warming for 18 years. Rather the climate as a whole has been cooling.

Many scientists have been duped by the false data and mistaken computer projections presented by supposed colleagues who are wrongly trusted to be credible. If you don't think that "scientific experts" can be created, bought or threatened, with subsequent strategic falsification of facts and documents, would you be interested in purchasing the Brooklyn Bridge?

Statistics are easily cooked, then reports and graphic charts prepared to convince others who did not do the investigating and compile the raw data. (NOTE: I have studied statistics and have also taught high school math. Statistics depend first and foremost on the input data, which can be manipulated by those gathering or compiling it.)

Scientists who have not done the actual research themselves or are not at all experts on climate data, and who may not be experts on statistics either, have wrongly accepted the manipulated data and the false conclusions from the controlled scientists, institutions and all their media. The scientific analyses based on the skewed data may be done well and seem certain, even to other scientists.

If scientists, even those in the climate field, have been misled, how would lay people not follow right along? For the most part the media and the general population do not have the information, skills or tools to critically analyze such propaganda.

Further, the controlling powers utilize "problem-reaction-solution", "divide and conquer" and "controlled opposition" strategies whenever warranted. They and their agents set up the sides and play both of them! Liberal/conservative, authority/vested interest, Democrat/Republican, global warming alarmist/denier, managed oppositional divisions to engage, distract and propagandize the public.

Cabal think tanks and other strategists script the scenario of debate, create and define the terms and generate most of the talking points and barbs that get exchanged back and forth in the financial, political, academic and scientific theaters and the controlled media, as well as in blog comments.

The plan for this "psy op" (psychological operation) of climate fraud was developed starting in the 1970's by elite strategists in The Club of Rome for the reasons of profit, control and depopulation, and elaborated by think tanks, including the Rand Corporation.

Additionally, technologies are in place that are used to generate, guide or intensify weather conditions. Knowing the weather ahead of time serves the generation of mega profits from the commodities market for those in the know. Meanwhile those in the target zones may be stressed with losses of homes, crops, livelihoods and even lives.

The alleged problem of carbon emissions being generated from burning what are called “fossil fuels“ is blamed on the energy demands of the masses, by elite leaders, controlled global agencies and their propaganda team scientists and other pseudo experts.

NOTE: There are actually convincing arguments that oil and natural gas are produced by the planet itself, rather than from dead dinosaurs, ancient algae or other decayed fossilized biological organisms. This widely adopted oil company "fossil fuel" scarcity myth was created and maintained to justify higher pricing, according to "abiotic" oil theorists.

Since fewer people are accepting the hoax of global warming caused by human energy consumption, the terms "climate change" and "climate crisis" were introduced to cover various weather anomalies and disasters, and to extend the "harmful carbon emissions" game by those using it for their own financial gain. This is really climate fraud, as it is intentional for strategic purposes, including financial rewards.



Have you ever wondered how icy "Greenland" got its name? In the summer of 986, 24 ships of Vikings set sail from Iceland, of which 14 ships reached the destination, including Erik the Red, wife Thjodhilde and son Leif. They settled in what was then a beautiful green land.

These explorers established agricultural colonies with livestock in the south of the island, and their offspring prospered for a few centuries until the climate changed to much colder around 1350. Colonists who did not die from battles with Inuit natives, illness, starvation or freezing, departed, abandoning the settlements.

This is one small example of the many significant climate changes that have occurred on this planet, none of which have been caused by normal human life activities.


Testing The Hypnosis

Why was there an intensified effort by supposed authorities strongly peddling the failing global warming myth right at the time that a ship transporting a team of global warming oriented scientists to Antarctica got stuck in the ice in summertime, with their rescue icebreaker ship also getting trapped in the ice?

Could that have been a test to see how many Americans are hypnotized deeply enough to continue accepting the global warming hoax and the accompanying attempts to marginalize the critics of it?

Meanwhile there have been record cold winter temperatures nationwide in the U.S. the last couple of winters.

The adapting of propaganda to use of the more general term "climate change" has been somewhat effective. There is and has always been a changing climate. Falsely pinning cyclic temperature variations on carbon emissions from normal human activities has not been too difficult for the science challenged public to believe.

The small triumph for the mass hypnosis masters has been the sustained belief by many in the false blaming of their daily life for carbon emissions supposedly causing "global warming", right at the time that we were in a deep freeze.

Now a new phrase has been rolled out for test marketing. "Global climate disruption" sounds more serious. They hope to get more mileage out of this term for their purposes of increased taxing and control of the populace, while massively diminishing the number of people.


In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill . . . . But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself. -- The Club of Rome, "The First Global Revolution", 1991


The Real Agenda Of Those In Control

The idea of climate change, and especially global warming, due to carbon emissions from normal human energy use is an intentional hoax presented to distracted, hypnotized and chemically subdued people, who do not have the real information and knowledge to perceive and understand the situation.

This ploy is being used to implement greater taxes and energy revenues, as well as further restrictions on lifestyle. More seriously, it is also intended to justify accelerated population reduction, relocation and total control.

We are being purposely poisoned to weaken our health, cause infertility and sexual dysfunction, and to cause us to die younger.

If the elite "powers-that-be" have their way as planned, our energy use, activities and even purchases, will all be monitored through our bank accounts, barcodes, "smart-cards", RFID chips and harmful EMF-emitting "smart-meters", with carbon taxes and credits applied in addition to all the other taxes. Our communications and locations are already monitored. The data storage and analysis capabilities of the technocracy are pervasive and still being expanded.

Ironically, these elite controllers have co-opted the environmental movement, using and manipulating it to bring about a fascist tyranny as part of their global corporate-state-technocratic empire.

Worse than being a debt slave, people could end up completely under the thumb of a global high-tech tyranny. The long term plans are for hypnotized, less intelligent, dependent, mind-controlled "trans-human" citizens to be relegated to living in small stacked apartments in highly planned and controlled cities with severe limits on activities, food, heating, communications, travel, etc.

Finally, they want us to die by the time our productive effort subsides. They don't want "useless eaters" hanging around using up resources they believe they own.

"Agenda 21" of the United Nations is designed to resettle people from rural areas to into small spaces in high tech managed "eco-cities", with restricted energy consumption and limits on travel.

Our lifestyle itself would be managed with compulsory health care (including forced vaccinations and the intentional dissemination of deadly engineered viruses), and Codex Alimentarius, which would limit our access to alternative natural health information and products.

These policies serve an intention to rapidly reduce global population without the public fully realizing it is being done on purpose. The climate change fraud is to facilitate our complicity in accepting the reordering of our lives to a lifestyle of great limitation.

This agenda of the elite planners would have those remaining alive live fully controlled lives as low thinking, non-reproducing urban slaves of a tyrannical global high tech corporate state tyranny, while they profit from carbon taxes and credit trading, as well as from medical procedures and sales of energy, food and water, all under their full control with no real competition.

Meanwhile the work force is being replaced by artificially reproduced cyborgs and robots, and the food supply with genetically engineered pseudo foods. As humans are becoming less and less needed as workers by the corporations and their wealthy owners, they are phasing us out with a slow kill, and turning our jobs over to tireless, ever more intelligent robotics.

(Learn more about United Nations Agenda 21.)

The scam about serious climate change being caused by humans driving our cars and heating our homes is being widely exposed. Click here for a 12 minute video that thoroughly undermines this fraud.

Geo-engineering through chemtrails, nuclear power and weapons, a long power outage from an electro magnetic pulse (EMP), genetically modified organisms (GMOs), genocidal biological weapons and other public poisons, and the resulting massive death with enslavement of the survivors, are the real threats to humanity.

Reducing pollution from use of coal, oil, natural gas, wood and fission nuclear power as fuels, and increasing energy efficiency are worthwhile concerns for the green movement. However, energy consumption is not a significant cause of global warming or whatever climate change is really occurring.

Climactic changes and severe weather events are due to a combination of natural cycles of the solar system and high tech manipulation by controlling powers and their weather manipulation technologies.

Nonetheless, preparation for the various real changes already in progress is essential for those who want to avoid dislocation, distress and possibly early death.


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