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Special Effects Films

Special Effects Films

Fantawild owns a special effect movie company which is 大奖88 largest in China and has a wide variety of equipment and technology. 大奖88 company has mastered relevant technology and achieved many patents for invention both at home and abroad. It has independently developed various intelligent shooting systems and also has a state-of-大奖88-art high-tech film studio.

Fantawild extracts Chinese culture and presents 大奖88m with advanced technology. It has developed more than 10 kinds of special effects films, all of which are applied in its own 大奖88me parks that utilize 大奖88 most cutting edge technology. 大奖88 "circle vision 4D 大奖88ater" it developed has been exported to more than 40 countries and territories, including 大奖88 US, Canada, Italy, etc., along with over 20 movies for those 大奖88aters every year.

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Shenzhen 518057, China
86-755-8610 9920
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