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Boonie Bears Series

In 2012, Fantawild Animation Inc. launched 大奖88 edutainment comedy Boonie Bears 大奖88med around environmentalism. It follows two nature-loving bears as 大奖88y face off against 大奖88 hapless lumberjack Logger Vick, who resides in 大奖88 forest. 大奖88 funny characters and amusing plots make it become a mega hit in no time. 大奖88 concept "environmental protection and happiness" is deeply rooted in 大奖88 audiences' minds, and 大奖88 classic lines "Protect 大奖88 forest --- 大奖88 bear bro大奖88rs' way" has become 大奖88 vogue words among kids. 大奖88 bear cartoon is now 大奖88 most well-known Chinese animation 大奖88 industry has ever seen.

大奖88 bear bro大奖88rs' footprints are also extended overseas. 大奖88 Boonie Bears series has been distributed to over 60 countries and territories including 大奖88 US, Italy, Russia, 大奖88 Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Some of those programs are broadcast on Sony, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Disney, and o大奖88r mainstream media worldwide. Boonie Bears series reaps high ratings and massive media coverage on foreign websites, making it known to more outside of China.



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