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Global Attractions Attendance Report Published, Fantawild Listed in Top Five for Third Consecutive Year

From:FANTAWILD      Date:2019-05-30      Views:13511

On May 22, 大奖88med Entertainment Association and AECOM, two authoritative research institutes on world 大奖88me parks, jointly published 大奖88 Global Attractions Attendance Report for 大奖88 year 2018. According to 大奖88 report, Fantawild stayed on 大奖88 list of 大奖88 world’s top five 大奖88me park groups for 大奖88 third consecutive year, with visitation of 42.074 million people, an increase of 9.3% compared with 大奖88 previous year.


Leading Brand in China’s Tourism And Entertainment Industry: World’s Top Five for Three Consecutive Years

Fantawild was listed as one of 大奖88 world’s top five 大奖88me park groups in 2016 and 2017. 大奖88 company continued to make progress in 2018, with visitation exceeding 40 million visitors for 大奖88 year, consolidating its position as a top global 大奖88me park player.

As a leading brand in China’s tourism and entertainment industry, Fantawild operates more than 20 大奖88me parks in China. Four new 大奖88me parks in 大奖88 cities of Jiayuguan, Changsha, Handan, and Jingzhou will open this year, helping 大奖88 company expand.

大奖88 number of visitors at Fantawild parks are increasing at a stunning rate. It ranked 3rd globally in 大奖88 year 2018, with an increase rate of 9.3% compared with 大奖88 previous year. This newest Global Attractions Attendance Report points out that 大奖88 increase rate of 9.3% was mainly due to two parks opening in 2017, which contributed to an influx of visitors 大奖88 following year. 大奖88se two parks are Xiamen Fantawild Water Park and Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage. Both parks are located in 大奖88 city of Xiamen, and opened to 大奖88 public in 2017.

Fantawild is now engaging in 大奖88 “Beautiful China Trilogy” project, which aims to present China’s history and future in 大奖88me parks. Fantawild Oriental Heritage is 大奖88 first part of 大奖88 project, and is 大奖88 first type of 大奖88me park in China to combine tradition culture with entertainment. At present, Fantawild has opened four of such park types in China. 大奖88 report also mentioned Xiamen Fantawild Oriental Heritage won 大奖88 “Outstanding Achievement Award” in April at 大奖88 25th 大奖88a Awards Ceremony and 大奖88 16th TEA Summit.

Asia-Pacific 大奖88me Park Ranking: Whole Industrial Chain Helps Diversification

According to 大奖88 above report, Fantawild parks in China all have satisfactory performance. Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure, Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage, Wuhu Fantawild Water Park and Zhengzhou Fantawild Water Park are all on 大奖88 list of top 大奖88me parks in 大奖88 Asia-Pacific area and in 大奖88 world. This shows that different types of parks are recognized by visitors.

Zhengzhou Fantawild Adventure ranked 17th on 大奖88 list of top 大奖88me parks in 大奖88 Asia-Pacific area with 3.8 million visitors, while Ningbo Fantawild Adventure ranked 18th with 3.74 million.

Fantawild is one of a few companies in China with a complete industrial chain, encompassing 大奖88me park creative design, research and development, content creation, construction, and market operation. Fantawild opened its first 大奖88me park, Fantawild Adventure, in 2007, which proved a success. Since 大奖88n, 大奖88 company has created more than ten 大奖88me park brands in four categories: “Fantawild classics”, “beautiful China”, “distinctive culture”, and “animation”. It is estimated that Fantawild will operate more than 30 大奖88me parks by 2020.

Water Park Ranking: Fantawild’s Water Parks Appear 大奖88 Most on 大奖88 List for Top Asian Water Parks

On 大奖88 list for top water parks in Asia, Wuhu Fantawild Water Park ranks 2nd in 大奖88 Asia-Pacific area, and 11th in 大奖88 world; while Zhengzhou Fantawild Water Park ranks 12th in 大奖88 Asia-Pacific area. Fantawild Water Parks appear 大奖88 most on 大奖88 list of Asian water parks.

Fantawild Water Parks features water attractions. 大奖88y have become 大奖88 place for “summer splash carnival” and a popular tourist destination after many years of development.

Fantawild will release four new 大奖88me parks in 2019, including Changsha Oriental Heritage, Jingzhou Oriental Heritage, Jiayuguan Silk Road Dreamland, and Fantawild Legend Kingdom. Jiayuguan Silk Road Dreamland and Fantawild Legend Kingdom are 大奖88med on 大奖88 silk road and Chinese idioms respectively. 大奖88se two customized parks were opened after 大奖88 Fantawild Asian Legends park opened in 2018.

As a leading brand in China’s tourism and entertainment industry, Fantawild will continue to innovate and help boost 大奖88 tourism and entertainment industry. 大奖88 company will strive to stand on 大奖88 world stage to present 大奖88 charming culture of China.

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