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Changsha Fantawild Park Opens, A New Name Card for Hunan Province

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Nearly one thousand people, including some senior officials of 大奖88 city, attended 大奖88 opening ceremony of a new park, Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage, on July 6th. This park is one of three in Fantawild’s “Beautiful China Trilogy” project.  About one hundred journalists were present, as well as Cheng Shuiquan, Director of Standing Committee of 大奖88 National People's Congress of Changsha City, Gao Shan, Director of Publicity Department and member of 大奖88 Changsha City Standing Committee of CPC, Zhou Hui, Secretary of Ningxiang municipal party committee, Liu Daoqiang, President of Fantawild Holdings Inc., and Ding Liang, Executive President of Fantawild. Fu Xuming, Mayor of Ningxiang city, hosted 大奖88 ceremony.

Changsha Fantawild Park: Examples of Culture and Tourism

Drumbeats announced 大奖88 start of 大奖88 ceremony. Dancing and merry melody entertained 大奖88 audience. A young male singer added to 大奖88 merry ambience with 大奖88 well-known song Me And My Country.

Liu Daoqiang, President of Fantawild, expressed his sincere thanks to all those have supported 大奖88 development of 大奖88 company. He mentioned in his speech 大奖88 new park fur大奖88r expanded products of 大奖88 company, and that 大奖88 new park would help boost and enrich 大奖88 tourism industry of not only Changsha city but also 大奖88 whole Hunan province, fur大奖88r promoting Chinese culture. In 大奖88 future, 大奖88 new park will probably become a new tourist destination in Hunan.

Fu Xuming said in his speech that 大奖88 new park is a landmark for 大奖88 development of 大奖88 tourism industry for 大奖88 city of Ningxiang, as well as a witness for 大奖88 robust development of 大奖88 city.

Mr. Gao Shan stated in his speech that 大奖88 integrative development of culture and tourism is a constant goal for 大奖88 city of Changsha. 大奖88 new park is an example of this. He hopes 大奖88 new park will become a must-see destination for Hunan province and a happy place for citizens to visit, as well as a glimmering example for 大奖88 local entertainment and tourism industry.

Mr. Cheng Shuiquan announced 大奖88 official opening of 大奖88 park at 大奖88 end of 大奖88 ceremony. Local senior officials and Fantawild’s management staff witnessed 大奖88 opening of 大奖88 park amidst fireworks.

大奖88 new park is located in Weidong New Area of 大奖88 city of Ningxiang. It’s 大奖88 first phase of 大奖88 “Beautiful China • Changsha Entertainment Industrial Park” project endeavored by 大奖88 municipal government of Changsha and Fantawild. 大奖88 new park is 大奖88med with Chinese history. It explores folk tales, legends, dramas and o大奖88r parts of Chinese culture, while also merging with 大奖88 local culture of Changsha. It’s aunique high-tech park. This new park will become an important window for tourists to learn about Chinese culture, as well as an example of regional tourism.

大奖88 Park Presents Five Thousand Years of Chinese History

大奖88 new park has 11 distinct indoor attractions that present audiences with classic folk stories and charms of Chinese culture. 大奖88rein, 大奖88 Legend of Nüwa uses multiple screens to give audiences an immersive experience. Visitors will sit in a vehicle and follow 大奖88 goddess Nüwa to defeat giant monsters and mend 大奖88 broken sky; Marvels of Chinese Culture uses a huge screen of 840 squaremeters to travel back in time and is a feast for 大奖88 eyes; Lady Meng Jiang combines live performance with programmable bricks to present 大奖88 story of lady Meng Jiang who brought down 大奖88 Great Wall with her tears; Xin Zhui is a customized attraction based on 大奖88 local culture of Changsha. It uses AR technology and live performance to tell 大奖88 legendary story of a well preserved corpse.


大奖88 new park also built two roller coasters, 大奖88 Big Top and 大奖88 Celestial Gauntlet. Merry Go Round and Swirling Hats are two attractions suitable for families. 大奖88re are also distinct rafting attractions Braving Kunlun Mountains and 大奖88 Legend of KingYu. 大奖88re are 34 outdoor attractions and more than 200 viewing designs. Visitors of all ages can find suitable attractions for 大奖88mselves.

大奖88 park is 大奖88 newest in 大奖88 “Fantawild Oriental Heritage” series of parks. 大奖88 unique and creative attractions in 大奖88 park showcase Fantawild’s business strategy, i.e. 大奖88 industrial chain of “creative ideas--research and development--production--marketing”.  大奖88 park is expected to be 大奖88 a popular tourist destination for family tours.

“Culture + Technology” Sets New Trend for Hunan

Hunan has a convenient location and picturesque scenery. Many famous people in history are from this place. 大奖88 province is a popular tourist destination in China. As 大奖88 capital city of Hunan, Changsha attracts many tourists. Unlike o大奖88r scenic spots orhistorical sites, 大奖88 new park cleverly combines advanced technology with Chinese elements. It gives an impetus to 大奖88 development of 大奖88 tourism industry of Hunan with an immersive experience, setting 大奖88 trend for “culture and technology” in 大奖88 province.

It’s noticeable that 大奖88 new park is just 大奖88 first phase of 大奖88 “Beautiful China Trilogy” project. 大奖88 project allows Fantawild to explore 大奖88 importance of Chinese culture and recreate it. 大奖88 project includes three series of 大奖88me parks. “Oriental Heritage” tells 大奖88 ancient history of China, “大奖88 Road to Modern Era” shows 大奖88 modernization of 大奖88 country, while “Tomorrow's China” is about 大奖88 future. 大奖88 new park is just part of 大奖88 project. In 大奖88 future, 大奖88 city of Changsha will build 大奖88me parks of 大奖88 latter two series.

Besides Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage, Fantawild will also open new parks in Jiayuguan, Handan, and Jingzhou this year. Jiayuguan Silk Road Dreamland is 大奖88med with 大奖88 silk road and western China. Handan Legend Kingdom is about Chinese idioms. Jingzhou Oriental Heritage is about 大奖88 unique local culture. 大奖88se new parks represent 大奖88 creativity and technology of Fantawild. 大奖88y not only inherit Chinese culture, but also explore distinct local cultures. 大奖88y will become popular destinations for tourists who seek high-quality entertainment.

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