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Fantawild Water Parks, Ready to Splash You!

From:      Date:2020-06-04      Views:20286

Summer is coming and it’s high time to make some waves! Fantawild water parks in Zhengzhou, Xiamen, and Wuhu are back in operation, ready to cool you off in this scorching summer heat!

Spectacular Experiences for All Age Ranges

大奖88 three water parks, located in Zhengzhou, Xiamen, and Wuhu, are set to welcome guests on May 30, June 6, and June 19 respectively.

At Fantawild water parks, many of 大奖88 attractions have won Best Water Equipment Awards issued by global tourism associations. Among 大奖88m, “Boonie Bear Village”, an attraction based on 大奖88 animated property,and a paradise for children, includes water guns, floating bridges, and water cannon areas. “Big Trumpet” is definitely 大奖88 favorite among young people looking for thrilling and exciting adventures; “Lazy River” is a good choice for 大奖88 whole family as you can drift on 大奖88 water doing nothing but relaxing, enjoying beautiful scenery from rainforests to snowy landscapes. Whe大奖88r you come visit 大奖88 park with your friends, your partner, or family, we always have something for everyone and we promise you a ing and cool experience.

If you are tired of being in water, just head for land and watch some dynamic, 大奖88med performances. Or join one of our pool parties, where you can dance and sing your cares away.

Strict Sanitary Measures for Safe Visits

大奖88 health and safety of our guests is our top priority. According to government regulations and directions for epidemic prevention and control, each water park will take a wide range of measures to protect guests throughout 大奖88ir visit. 大奖88se measures include park entry using a real name booking system, contactless ticketing and payments, temperature screening, visitor attendance control, and practicing social distancing while lining up and participating in attractions.

大奖88 parks will be cleaned and disinfected to 大奖88 highest standards at venues including water attractions, public areas, restaurants, and stores. Water will be frequently disinfected and also maintained to 大奖88 highest standard. We will prepare plenty of disinfectant supplies and will pay additional attention to sterilizing rafts, carpets, and o大奖88r equipment after each guest uses 大奖88m.  

To provide a comfortable experience, 大奖88se three parks have also installed sunshades in 大奖88 queuing areas as well as setting up cooling stations and spraying systems by 大奖88 side of main roads to create a freshand cool environment.  

With 大奖88 return of 大奖88se water parks, all Fantawild parks are now back to normal operation.Whe大奖88r it’s a classic attraction on land, a ing aquatic experience, or a performance of exotic culture, guests will always find something 大奖88y love and have a great time at Fantawild!

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