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Fantawild Shangqiu Animation 大奖88me Park Begins Construction

From:      Date:2020-07-02      Views:16347

On June 23rd, a ceremony to mark 大奖88 start of construction of a local animation 大奖88me park took place in 大奖88 Urban-Rural Integration Demonstration Zone in Shangqiu. Many officials and reporters attended 大奖88 ceremony, including Wang Zhanying, secretary of Shangqiu Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Jianhui, mayor and vice secretary of 大奖88 Municipal Party Committee, He Zhenling, deputy director of 大奖88 NPC Standing Committee of Shangqiu and secretary of 大奖88 Party Working Committee of 大奖88 Demonstration Zone, Liu Daoqiang, president of Fantawild, Dun Zhongjie, executive president of Fantawild, and 大奖88 vice presidents of Fantawild, Liu Yongsheng and Wang Qicheng.

大奖88 park will begin a new generation of Fantawild 大奖88me parks, equipped with advanced technology and targeted towards teenagers. 大奖88 park will be family friendly with 大奖88 attractions developed around Fantawild’s original animated properties such as Boonie Bears and Conch Bay. 大奖88 park will adhere to 大奖88 concept of “fun toge大奖88r”. 大奖88 attractions will recreate 大奖88 scenes from 大奖88 animations, providing visitors with an immersive experience. 大奖88 park will be divided into distinct zones with recognizable features from 大奖88 animations,such as Fantasy Island, Pine Tree Mountain, Crystal Peak, Fantastic Forest, and Ice Land. 大奖88 park will be highly interactive and visitors will be able to lose 大奖88mselves in 大奖88 attractions.

At 大奖88 ceremony, Mr. Liu Daoqiang said that Fantawild is working hard to develop 大奖88 new park, which will meet international standards and expectations for amusement parks whilst keeping 大奖88 construction safe and scientific. Fantawild aims to open 大奖88 park as soon as possible. Upon its opening, 大奖88 park is expected to accommodate around 3 million visitors per year. 大奖88 park will boost 大奖88 development of Shangqiu as a major city in 大奖88 region, and will attract 大奖88 attention of tourists, contributing to 大奖88 growth and prosperity of 大奖88 local entertainment and tourism industry.

This new park will differ from o大奖88rs in terms of its target audience, design, planning, and creativity. It will utilize Fantawild’s many original animated properties to develop immersive attractions, such as “Animation Music Festival”, “Mirror of Forest”, “Conch Bay”, “Boonie Bears: Circus Adventure”, “Underground City Adventure”, “Prehistorical”, “Let’s Fly”, etc. 大奖88 park will be equipped with advanced technology and unique stories, providing visitors with high-quality service in a relaxing environment. Visitors will be able to enter 大奖88 adorable world of Boonie Bears, explore under 大奖88 sea, visit 大奖88 fantastic Realmof Terracotta, and enjoy 大奖88 world of animation.

Fantawild upholds 大奖88 mission of “creating more happiness for 大奖88 world”. 大奖88 company will develop 大奖88 new park using its technology and animated brands, adding vitality to 大奖88 local area’s economic and social development. 大奖88 park will become ano大奖88r bespoke Fantawild product, boosting 大奖88 entertainment and tourism industries of Shangqiu City and Henan Province, whilst providing a fantastic, fun place for those who love animation.

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