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Core Concept

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Core Concept : Entertainment + Technology

As 大奖88 leading entertainment and technology enterprise in China, Fantawild has been adhering to integrating cultural and technology as well as deepening innovation to drive economic growth. Focusing on creating stories with unique Chinese characteristics, Fantawild is committed to spreading Chinese culture across 大奖88 globe. It has established an industrial chain integrating innovation, research and development, production, and global marketing, thus boosting 大奖88 cultural industry in a diversified manner on a large scale.

Core Competitiveness : An Integrated Industrial Chain of Innovation, Research and Development, Production, and Marketing

Through many years of development, Fantawild has gained a core competitiveness integrating creative design, scientific research and development, and content production, which has become 大奖88 underpinning core of Fantawild’s rapid development.

Strategy for Development : Mass Production, Internationalization, and Diversification

Fantawild is always learning and changing to keep up with 大奖88 international demands of 大奖88 industry to give consumers 大奖88 best experience possible. With innovative technology, Fantawild constantly pushes 大奖88 boundaries of 大奖88 entertainment industry and forges new paths in 大奖88 territory of mass production, internationalization, and diversification.

15F, Huaqiang Bldg., No. 16 Ke Yan Road, Nanshan District,
Shenzhen 518057, China
86-755-8610 9920
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